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We are on the lookout for talented, motivated graduate students and postdoctoral scientists to join our research group. Graduate students should apply through the NYU Biology department (which has a PhD program and MS program). We have several open recruitments for postdocs and some areas of current interest are:

  • Genome editing technology development
  • High-throughput approaches to understand the noncoding genome
  • Cancer genomics, immunotherapy, and in vivo mouse models
  • Genome engineering to target structural variants in cancer (joint w/ Imielinski lab)



The Sanjana Lab is working to develop new gene editing tools to identify and understand noncoding regions and regulatory elements in the human genome. We apply these tools broadly to discover fundamental mechanisms underlying gene regulation, cancer evolution, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Previously, we have developed high-throughput genome-scale CRISPR screens to interrogate coding and noncoding regions of the genome (e.g. see our recent reviews on genome-wide screens and on screens in noncoding regions of the genome). Also, here is a short, non-technical summary of our work from a recent article in TIME Magazine.

We expect lab members to become the next-generation of bioengineers, geneticists, cancer biologists, neuroscientists and interdisciplinary scientific innovators. Our goal is to help each and every lab member enjoy life in the lab as well as fulfill their maximum potential as scientists. Our team includes a mix of graduate students (MS, PhD, and MD-PhD from several NYC-area universities), postdoctoral scientists, staff scientists, and research technicians. We also strive to make the process of doing science fun. For example, most projects in the lab are structured around small teams. This makes life in lab more enjoyable and pushes projects forward faster than with one person going it alone. Above all, we value motivation, resilience and drive because often scientific success comes only after trying many ideas to see which one actually works.

Although our lab is young, our postdoctoral scientists have competed successfully for many postdoctoral fellowships, including the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship, the Human Frontiers Science Program Fellowship, the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, the American Heart Association Fellowship, the NIH K00 Award, and the Hope Funds for Cancer Research Fellowship.

To apply, please send an email to with the following:

  1. Your CV with a list of publications
  2. A short summary of your present and future research interests
  3. For postdoc candidates: A list of three references with names, phone numbers and email addresses
Thank you for your interest in our lab!